Madonna di Canneto at Settefrati

The Madonna di Canneto appeared near Settefrati and she is the town’s Patron Saint.  If you look carefully at the photo of the main altar you will see behind a covered niche where the statue of the Madonna remains hidden for most of the year.  At the time of the celebration, she is placed on a golden throne and carried by the faithful up the mountain to the place where she appeared.  She stays there for 4 days then is returned to her niche for another year.  I apologise for the quality of the photos, it was snowing that day and I forgot to take the camera off the ‘macro’ setting I had been using to take photos of birth certificates in City Hall.


  1. hola, ojala pudieran ver este escrito, mi nombre es Maria Elba Morales Anicasio, vivo en una provincia de Mexico llamado Cruz Grande, Guerrero. Mi familia tiene la tradición de hace mas de 50 años de festejarle a la Virgen de Canneto cada año, empieza la fiesta del 1 al 4 de enero…es una fiesta grande, le festejamos a nuestro modo, con una danza que representa a la conquista de México, pero no se si nos podrian ayudar porque solo tenemos una imagen de papel muy chiquita y el sueño d enuestra familia es tener a la virgen en bulto, es decir, una replica de la que tienen ustedes allá en su santuario, Acá la Virgen tiene su capilla, humilde, pero es de ella, con mucho esfuerzo lo hemos hecho. Mi intension es hacerles saber que la maddona es bien amada aca en un rincon México.


  2. have been to see it twice now the first time was a very surreal moment, there was definitely a sense of calm which I had never felt before as I am not a religious person. The second time I went august 2013 it seemed almost commercialised as there were loads of traders and stalls selling the usual tosh and the lake had somewhat dried up due to the hot spell, but it also had lost its calmness and its serenity. But I still have to say its one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and would recommend it to anyone, religious or not.


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