How to search the LDS microfilms

Using the date of birth, order the appropriate film and go to the birth records for that date A translation of the birth certificate can be found on this site. The birth certificate will give you the names and ages of each parent. From this you should calculate the approximate age and check the birth … Continue reading

San Silvestro Papa

December 31st is the Festa of San Silvestro Papa.  In Sora the parish began its celebrations at 8am with several loud bangs (fireworks), again at noon and at 6pm.  San Silvestro is the Pope who converted to Christianity the mother of the Roman Emperor Costantino and it is thanks to him that Italy and the world … Continue reading

Precepi di Sora

Precepi are Nativity Scenes created by local businesses or associations.  They are housed in the old unoccupied buildings, or donated spaces in the historic centre of town.  There is Christmas music playing as you walk down the street looking at the various creations.  These are just a few of the scenes.  Enjoy!

Another successful search

From:   Ann has been researching my family history and has thusfar provided me with information going back 5 generations. At the same time, she helped me obtain documents from the Comune di Sora that I desperately needed for another project but had been unable to obtain on my own. I very highly recommend her services. I wasn’t able … Continue reading