Terelle – January 1944

Terelle is a small town on the south east side of Monte Cairo just outside of Cassino. The Gustav Defence Line ran through the nearby town of Cassino and German troops occupying Terelle and the surrounding area forcibly rounded up the local men to labour for them. They were to build a new road connecting … Continue reading

Discussion about Italian Archives

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A discussion with Ellen Craig of UmbriaAbove on ITALIAN ARCHIVES and how what they contain to help expand your family tree. View this post on Instagram A post shared by UmbriaAbove – Italy (@umbriaabove)

Segno di Croce – sign of the cross or signature? Are we going back to this?

Literacy and the ability to read & write was often a privilege of the wealthy despite the fact that schooling was, officially at least, available to all children between 6 and 9 years of age starting in 1877.   Many children of the poor “contadini” were needed in the fields and rarely allowed to attend school.  … Continue reading

Season’s Greetings for 2021

  It’s been a strange year for everyone and I hope you have all been staying safe from the virus in this pandemic year.  Although Italy has been hard hit our team has remained safe thus far, although this new strain is certainly worrying. Despite the frequent lockdowns our team has completed 108 projects in … Continue reading