Art Classes during your Italian Vacation

If landscape painting is your passion (but not yourstrong point) why not combine an Italian vacation with some art classes?   are doing just this in picturesque PIGLIO close to Rome but far from the madding crowds.

Hiring a researcher or a genealogist?

When hiring a professional to perform your Italian research there are several things to consider.  A professional researcher is not a certified genealogist.  A certified genealogist has qualifications and a deeper understanding of the process of creating a family tree.  He/she can solve lineage problems and know where to find obscure records to continue your … Continue reading


Civil records in Fontechiari go back to 1809 and have been microfilmed by the LDS.  The town has records after 1865.  In the town archives there are census records for 1816(updated to 1823) and 1855.  These two appear to be parish census’ as they follow the same format I have seen in other parishes.  The … Continue reading