Corpus Domini

Corpus Domini is one of Italy’s most beautiful festivals.  The tradition began after the Miracle of Bolsena when a priest, with doubts about his faith was performing a mass and the host began to bleed.  The Pope declared the Festival of Corpus Domini and it has been celebrated ever since.  The streets of the procession … Continue reading

Customized luxury travel

If you have a specific agenda for your trip to Italy, whether it is shopping, finding your roots, or just want to have a luxury vacation with all the planning taken care of by an expert, then I can reccommend Ellen Craig Travel.  Ellen started out as a client, then became a friend when I … Continue reading

Experiencing Italy

A trip to Italy should be a ‘caper’ you will never forget.  To experience the art and culture in a physical way you will need some expert help.  Cooking, learning the language, trying your hand at painting or sculpting with experts at your elbow will give you an unforgettable vacation.  If this is for you … Continue reading