Twelfth publication of new Archives and documents

With this publication consisting of a total of 8,548 new records and 740,528 new images: Antenati has uploaded digitizations of civil status records pertaining to the State Archives of Alexandria and the State Archives of Caltanissetta. a new institute, hitherto unpublished, is added: State Archives of Alexandria; is increased with 4,322 new records, the “Restoration Civil Status” Fund of … Continue reading

Eleventh publication of new Archives and documents

The Antenati site has uploaded digitizations of civil records from the Naples State Archives: 844 new records (1809 -1903) and 171,322 new images. With this publication, the 4 Funds already online now have additional years – Napoleonic Civil Status (province municipalities), Restoration Civil Status (province municipalities), Italian Civil Status (Naples districts), Restoration Civil Status (Naples … Continue reading

Handbook Revisions January 2023

P. 130        Baptisms: 1855-1879, 1896-1946                     Marriages: 1802-1959 P. 237        Town Office Charges Euro 5.16 for each document P. 278        Town Office Records Inventory                     10 Year indexes                                         Births: 1876-1885 Births, Marriages & Deaths from 1900 Births: 1866-pres Marriages: 1866-pres Deaths: 1866-pres P. 345        Cresima: 1872-1912