Abstracting Seminar
A transcription is a word for word copy of the document exactly as it appears including incorrect spellings etc. etc
An extract is a Word for Word portion of part of the document
An abstract is a summary of the contents of the document

The reading portion includes reading old handwriting

Citation followed by your name and the date

Use these brackets when adding information to a document you’re transcribing

If there is something that needs to be explained later use the? Inside a square bracket
Do not make corrections to any spellings in the document use SIC in the Square brackets to indicate that there is an error in spellin

Is standard text used in many documents often legal phrases that you recognize the phrase but not the individual words

Example of boiler plate in legal documents

Transcript is a free program for transcribing documents where you put the document on the screen and transcribe below making it easier to transcribe

Use Jen scriber when transcribing documents that come in columns or lists

If the document was copied by someone else there could be errors so when possible make sure you have seen the original document

When using an extracted phrase from a document in your reports make sure to use quotation marks around the extracted phrase

An abstract is a summary of all the important details in a document

Make a list of the items that should be extracted from the document and extract as many as possible [this is my suggestion not the speakers]

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