High definition image – New instructions

Download an app called STICKY NOTES –

Open a new note.

Copy and paste the following onto the sticky note.

https://iiif-antenati.san.beniculturali.it/iiif/2/ NUMBER OF IMAGE/full/full/0/default.jpg

IF you don’t have two screens, first open the sticky note, then open your browser and adjust the size so you can see the above link on the sticky note at the top of the screen and also at the bottom.

Navigate to the image you want to copy.

Note the page number of the image you need then navigate to the image using the THUMBNAILS icon (looks like a book with a line underneath)

Click on the image – In the address bar the letters and numbers (5-8) that follow the last / (slash)    is the NUMBER OF IMAGE

now you need to replace the NUMBER OF IMAGE in the URL on your sticky note,

Make sure there are no spaces before or after the / (slashes).

Click on the white part of the sticky note and a link icon to the image will appear at the bottom of the sticky note. Or simply click on the link and the image will appear full size in the browser window.

Right click and ‘save as’. 

Using the ‘sticky note’ (or WordPad, or notes) means you can just replace the image number without retyping the entire line each time.


    • To streamline this process, and to always have the template (the majority of the URL that remains the same for all images) of the base HD image handy, I created a web browser (Firefox) bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar, replacing the hashcode (aka “NUMBER OF IMAGE”)with “XXXXXX” for visibility. While I scan a register in one tab, I have the template open in the adjacent tab, so going from the register view to the HD image is as simple as:
      – Double-click (select hashcode in URL)
      – Copy (^C)
      – Switch tab (to template)
      – Double-click (select hashcode in URL)
      – Paste (^V)

      It takes literally about 2-3 seconds.


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