High definition image – New instructions

Download an app called STICKY NOTES – Open a new note. Copy and paste the following onto the sticky note. https://iiif-antenati.san.beniculturali.it/iiif/2/ NUMBER OF IMAGE/full/full/0/default.jpg IF you don’t have two screens, first open the sticky note, then open your browser and adjust the size so you can see the above link on the sticky note at … Continue reading

Frosinone Handbook ADDITIONS

I knew when I hit the ‘publish’ button that this would be a book that would always need to be revised. I promised purchasers that I would publish additions and revisions as I learned of them. I have prepared these pages in a form that you can print, and add to the book or you … Continue reading

High Definition Images

The antenati site has responded to your request for thumbnails but it would seem that the ability to save high definition images using the instructions I posted in an earlier post has been disabled. I don’t know if this was a consequence of their actions or a deliberate action to prevent the downloading of the … Continue reading