Saving images in ANTENATI – Update

When saving images, click on IIIF Manifest

When you arrive at the page with all the pink and blue script (json reader)

(If not, click the Expand All button.)

Press Ctrl F to open a search box. To search for your page number, i.e. ” 35″ ā€” changing the 35 to whichever page number you need. The program will then jump to the page you need.

In some browsers you may need to use ” pag.35″.

Such a time saver!


  1. I can’t seem to get this to work. I get a screen of code, I guess. I can do F and it finds the text on the page but no image. I copied the line of text and entered into the browser but that didn’t work either. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and would really like hi def images to save. Thanks for any help.


    • Try using a different browser. Firefox comes with a Json reader already installed, or download one. You need to select the line of text that ends with .jpg to see the image for saving.


  2. I found that I needed to add an extension to my google chrome – JSONVue to make this work. Not exactly as your screen but you can search for the page number and find the .jpg link. Thank you so much for your help!


  3. Your explanation on obtaining HiRes images from Antenati was working great! Thank you so much for that instruction. Recently, the link to the Manifest IIIf, produces an error 403 and a message that says I do not have permissions. Do you know what has changed and is there a way to continue getting HiRes images? Thank you. Chuck


    • I have seen a post of how to continue to do it but it isn’t working anymore. I think they are keeping on top of things. Perhaps working towards a subscription site.


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