Swindled to New York – video series by Joe Tucciarone

I presented Joe’s book on Facebook when it was first published and am thrilled to see this outstanding video series telling the story in pictures.

Act I:

Act II:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=8-5ClZTJJZ0 Act III:

Act IV:


One comment

  1. Fascinating stories & so sad. My husband’s story is of a later time. His bisnonno came here in 1920, following his 2 brothers who came in1913, and another came in 1921. All were accosted on the dock at the port of NYC. They were all “talked into going” to Carbondale [an apt name] PA, to work in the mines. By the 1940s he left PA because he was ill, And in 1958 he died of the dreaded Black Lung disease. However, lest some believe attitudes about Italians [& much of it for their Catholicism] softened American minds toward them, it did not. My nonno & my father faced much discrimination in the early 1900s, and for my Pop, it lasted into the 1950s.


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