Towns in Frosinone that were part of former Vatican States and their available civil records

The towns in the Province of Frosinone listed below were all formerly part of the Vatican States.  Between 1809 and until Napoleon was defeated in 1815 these towns kept civil records like all the other towns in the area controlled by Napoleon.  What happened to these records? It is said that after Napoleon’s defeat the towns in the Vatican States destroyed all the civil records they had been forced to keep.  This can’t be totally true as the Archivio di Stato di Roma still has the civil records for Rome for the period 1810-1814.  You can view these at Family Search but they are still not uploaded to the antenati site. I have never viewed these microfilms but it may be that they include the towns listed below since they were considered part of Rome.  (Maybe someone can let us know?)

The 2nd copies of civil records after 1871 for the towns listed below were kept at the Tribunal of Frosinone and then transferred to the Archivio di Stato di Frosinone.  There are many years missing that are inconsistent from town to town and the Director of the Archives doesn’t know why, but the majority of these towns do have a complete set of birth marriage and death registers from 1871.

Research has shown that many of these towns have Lista di Leva dating from 1850 (birth year) and even the Foglio matricolare.  One has school registers, another a register of foster mothers for 1937, and in another a register of foundlings resident in the town between 1880- 1863.  Don’t get too excited, record keeping was not consistent; the foundling register was in one town only.

Please remember that while the town is required to send you copies of civil records the clerks do not have time or knowledge to search their archives for these other records which may be of interest to you.  We are happy to advise you of what treasures may be found in any of these towns and to give you a quote to go there and search for this ‘extra’ information to add to your family tree.



































  1. Good Afternoon from Florida USA ..I have writing to you help me gather any information on family that i have had immigrated from the Castro Del Volsci and Veroli regions in the early 1900s from Naples. I had written the town of veroli many years ago and they were able to provide me a copy of my great grandfathers birth certificate which greatly helped .His name was Dominico Campoli born 1884 in Veroli and his parents were Evangelista Campoli and Carmina Pulcari i am hoping that you may have some more information on any these family members and i have also recently found that my great grandmother i believe was from Castro Del Volsci her name was Giovanna (Jennie) Deangelis she was born in 1882 and her Parents were Peter Deangelis and Elizabeth Dejulia i believe from Castro del Volsci from information i have found? any information on her family would be greatly appreciated .. My great grandmother was married prior to arriving in America his name Was Antonio Rosati from Castro Del Volsci accourding to his ellis island records and he passed in 1911 in america. I do understand that this a great task for you all and i am not sure if you all are the correct people to contact but any help would be wonderful please e-mail me back and let me know if you have information or how i should proceed Thank you
    Timothy Compoli


    • Hi Timothy,
      We can certainly help you take your family history back to the 1600’s with the help of parish records. The Diocese in Veroli has gathered the records from 6 parishes in its archives making research much easier.
      Castro dei Volsci has parish records back to the 1600’s so we can also help with that line. I have sent you a private email with a quote for our services.


  2. My name is Julie Peticca. My great grandfather and grandmother are Pasquale and Antoinetta Peticca from Sora/Castelliri, Italy. I would like some help with research and want to find my relatives before them. Please email me at
    Thank you.


  3. Hi Ann
    Can you help me with my Giovannone tree?
    My Giovannone family came from Arpino. You told me on Ancestry that my 2X Great Grandfather Domenico Giovannone b 1858, married a Domenica Pantanella on 08/04/1874. I am interested to nfind out their parent’s names and their siblings. Is this something that you can assist with?


  4. Was Frosinone a town as well as a province? I found it interesting to see that name listed. What do you mean Tribunal of Frosinone please? I’d like to better understand places in Italy. Thank you!


    • The town of Frosinone was made the captial of the Province of Frosinone in 1926. The Proince includes towns from the former Kingdom of the Two SIcilies and the former Papal States.
      Each Province has a Tribunal which archives the second copy of the civil records (which the Mormon Church is currently digitizing) and court cases.ì in addition to other documents.


  5. Pasquale testa and Francesco testa from frosinone. Pasquale married maria de lauri. Pasquale born about 1846 his son biagio born 1880 italy. Son alessio born about 1886. Appear on 1901 england census yorkshire. Sister of biagio and alessio . Was battista married a Luigi.
    Francesco born about 1898 aka ottkorino Francesco testa from Lazio. Italy married alessio testa daughter emilia testa about 1927. Emilie born dewsbury 1908 yorkshire england.
    Trying to connect Francesco. His father vincenzo and his brother augusto testa.
    Francesco immigrated 1926 to ottawa ont died 1968. Alessio testa and his wife immigration from england unknown. His wife serafina died 1949. He died 1955 both in montreal. If you can give me a hint when their parents married it would be great. Thanks but dont go to any expense looking.


    • Hi John,
      Unfortunately I don’t have a cristal ball. Did you check out the post on the website about Finding the town of origin? These are the things I do when beginning a research for a client. Once I have narrowed down the possibilities it then becomes a search of the records of those towns. The surname Testa is most commom today in Frosinone (the town) whose civil records did not begin until 1870 and these records can be viewed at any Family History Centre until they go on line at the Italian ‘antenati’ site. (not any time soon as far as I know). From my own experience I have also seen the surname Testa in Colle San Magno and surrounding area. The Di Lauri surname is not common in any of the above areas and today is found mostly in Rome. Lauri is alo not that common and is found in Anagni.
      Anything more than this would be a research project for which I would be happy to give you a quote!


  6. Buongiorno from Maine, USA. I’m looking for information about my Bonomo ancestors, who lived in Villa Santo Stefano, but I can’t find that surname in that town in any of the online databases that I have found. I’m pretty sure that my grandfather was born in 1900. Does that mean their records have been lost? Or possibly just haven’t been digitized? Thank you!


    • Is this him?
      Bonomo Cesarino son of Giuseppe and Masi Alessandrina born 16/12/1899 in Villa Santo Stefano
      Only parish records exist prior to 1870. You should be able to find his birth record on the antenati site. Some year s are missing from this site but the town has e very year after 1870.


      • Hi Again, Ann! I haven’t been able to find the correction of Cesarino’s birth record that you noted, nor a record with Alessandra mentioned (the record I have found is in the 1899 registry, and only notes that the child was presented by Giuseppe Bonomo, but the mother is unnamed and only noted as a woman to whom he was not married). Do you have a cite or source that mentions Alessandra? I am also trying to find a marriage record for them (and wondering whether they ever did get married – I know they had another child together, a girl named Gentilina). Thank you for your help!


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